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This weekend was a festive one here in Wales. Saturday was St David’s Day, and the streets were filled with people carrying daffodils or wearing tiny leeks on their lapels. The next day was Mothering Sunday, and although my family celebrates in May (along with the rest of the world), I used the opportunity to give my mother the completed pair of socks I’ve been working on.

Child's First Sock

I loved knitting these socks – the pattern was straightforward and easily memorised and the construction was logical and instinctive. The variegated yarn detracts from the pattern, and I would probably use a solid or semi-solid colourway if I were to knit these again. Having said that, these sock were so satisfying to knit, I barely thought about how they would look when worn. Luckily, my mother seems to like them!



An early morning adventure to the postal depot yielded this. Enough bright wool to make an Autumn Cardigan (by Ruth Sørensen). Some other treats were received… This book, lilies and roses, some quilting fabrics, a morning idling in coffee shops – phone calls from loving friends and family. And an amber circlet: glowing, enfired beads, like ‘a bracelet of bright hair about the bone’.

A good day!


A first post is a tricky thing. It should set the tone of the conversation and at the same time be pithy and invite further reading. There is a danger of setting expectations too high, or unduly narrowing the topics of interest.

Suffice to say that this journal is space of exploration for me. A platform to investigate and develop my love of knitting, sewing and other hand-crafts, as well as the inspiration that design, architecture and photography provide to my creativity.

I hope that recording my progress here will encourage me to learn new skills and take greater risks in order to become ‘a dab hand’ at these rewarding crafts. I would welcome your thoughts and suggestions on my progress!