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Glass House - Roath Park

No craft content today, just some still-sharp memories of sunny days in local parks.

I’m always impressed by the range of botanical and flower gardens to be found in this damp and misty country. The sunshine of the past few days has pulled us out of the flat into exploratory walks, lazy lounging on lawns and serial ice-cream feasts. Yesterday we visited the local park’s glasshouse, a tiny affair which nevertheless packs a substantial punch of diverse plant species arranged around a glossy pond in which goldfish and terrapin swim hopefully.

Today the skies are grey again, but when the weather finally turns, we’ll know where to go…



It’s done! In fact, it’s been done for a week but the weather has been too hot and muggy to take pictures. It’s hot and muggy today, too, but R. was persuaded to put on the sweater with the promise of an ice cream as a bribe.

I started this sweater last September, and the only excuse I have for it taking this long is that I got bored by the long stretches of stockinette, and put it away in a dark place for the best part of a year. R.’s ridiculously long limbs have made me despair of socks and sleeves, so my knitting output for him has so far been limited to hats and scarves.

Well, this sweater marks the end of that deprivation! I think he likes it…

Ice Cream

  • Pattern: ‘Seamless Hybrid Sweater’ by Elizabeth Zimmermann, from Knitting Without Tears.
  • Yarn: Rowanspun DK in ‘Punch’ (6 skeins), and Rowan Harris 4ply in ‘Herring’ (1 ball for hem and cuffs).
  • Needles: 3.25mm and 4mm circular.
  • Modifications: All kinds, given the brevity of the pattern! I mixed and matched the measurements to suit R.’s long and thin shape. I added a 2×2 rib collar instead of the bulkier suggestions in KwoT. I also messed up the maths at several points, but followed E.Z.’s advice to “fudge this away somewhere.” Blocking works wonders with this sweater!

Ice Cream

I’ve been a bit distracted for the past couple of weeks. I feel like I’m ticking along from one appointment to another without time to stop and breathe.

Last weekend we travelled up to Ceredigion to spend some time with my cousin. We had a peaceful and relaxing break with wonderful food and some fantastic company.

Russ & Friends

The colours of the west are so lush – I took lots of very bad pictures, and a couple of not-too-bad ones.


Pond Life