I’m almost certainly not the only sock knitter to have thought of it, but I post this tip in case someone can make good use of it.

There are plenty of devices and gadgets that aim to keep your stitches from falling off your dpns while you transport your sock-in-progress: this is a popular one, and this is a beautiful wooden number. Having none of these tools, I improvised using some things from my stationery box.

DPN keeper
DPN keeper


  • 1 document binding comb, like these. (c. 7mm in diameter for 2.25mm dpns).
  • 1 craft knife or small pair of scissors.
  • 1 double pointed needle from your project.


  • Measure your dpn against the comb, and mark the length. The idea is that the length of comb is measured so that a ring is sitting inside the needle length on either end. This is what will keep your stitches from falling off.
  • Cut the comb after the last full ring of your measurement. In my case, this was after 8 rings. (Or 11cm of comb for a 12cm needle).
  • Using the craft knife, cut away all the rings in between the first and last rings, making sure to trim any sharp edges. Leave the first and last rings intact.
  • Insert dpns with project safely restricted between the edge rings.

Go forth!