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C. Arden, Bookseller

We made the most of yesterday’s unexpected heatwave by taking a trip deep into the Welsh countryside – to buy books…

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Amandine Lace Stole

Amandine Lace Stole

The days have been so blustery lately, it doesn’t feel like Summer at all. The sun moves in and out of cloud cover with exasperating frequency.

I finally finished this lace stole for my mother-in-law. It should have been done on Sunday, but I managed to completely mess up the second border. Twice. The moral is: don’t attempt lace knitting while watching one of the most exciting tennis matches of all time.

Pattern: Amandine Lace Stole by Carrie Strine (from her etsy store).

Yarn: Posh Yarn ‘Felicity’ in Rose Petal, 100% silk (discontinued, I think).

Needles: 4mm circular.

Mods: None, although the heavier yarn made for a more substantial garment than the original.

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Amandine Lace Stole

Amandine Lace Stole

I loved knitting this stole. The stitch pattern is organic and bold, gesturing towards Art Deco; and the fringe border swings perfectly in the breeze. The pattern is very well written and includes charts and photographs. Carrie Strine provides exceptional pattern support, and is a lovely and helpful designer – I’m looking forward to her future patterns! The yarn is soft and lustrous, and a perfect colour for the recipient.