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I’m usually the very definition of knitting monogamy. I can spend weeks thinking about a pattern and planning for it carefully, and then concentrate exclusively on it until it is done. But for some reason I can’t seem to stick to one project these days. I’m avoiding even the urgent deadline garments that I should be working on. Instead I flit from one unfinished piece to the other, without being satisfied.

Still, at least some patterns are quick enough to be finished in a few days. I worked on these little things last week, a couple of dresses for two sisters due to be born very soon.

Twin Vests

  • Yarn: Drops Alpaca (colours 3800 & 7323), about 1.4 balls of each. This yarn is a joy to knit with, and so soft – not to mention good value. I’ve used this colour combination before – how unimaginative! The buttons are mother-of-pearl.
  • Needles: 2.5mm circular needle (magic loop). I bought these from Scandinavian Knitting Design: they seem to be identical to Addi Turbos, except for the price!
  • Mods: I added this flower and this leaf motif for interest.

See project details on Ravelry.

Perhaps it’s best to embrace my current bout of knitting unfaithfulness, and punctuate it with a few quick projects here and there. The brief satisfaction of having actually completed a pattern might spur me on to work on the rest of the queue. I hope!