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It’s been a while, and the intervening period has been a bit too full of illness and worry. I’m starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, though, and taking heart from the intimations of life which are all around me – in the lengthening days, and the appearance of snowdrops and crocuses. Some spring cleaning – of my mind as well as my home – is in order!

To that end I’ve started a pair of socks. They’re not my first pair (I’ve made a couple of dull stockinette versions), but they are a foray into the world of cult sock knitting – socks for socks’s sake!

Here’s my progress so far

Child's First Sock

Not bad!

Unfortunately one of the five Brittany dpns became the first casualty of this campaign! From comments and reviews I fear this may be an occupational hazard for Brittany needles of 2.5mm diameter and under. I still prefer these needles to any other I’ve tried – I especially like the 5″ length. I’m tempted by these Quills, though, which are made of casein (and are similar to Bryspun, I think). I can’t find any sock sizes, though. Must keep looking!