Ready?When my husband and I caved to familial pressure and agreed to undergo a second, (this time religious) marriage ceremony, I decided to at least avoid the worst of the associated symbolisms and traditions. I wanted, for example, a simple and elegant dress as far from white as was possible, to be worn with a hand-knitted shawl in a glorious, jewelled green silk. Not so much to ask, I hear you say? Well, insidious and persistent comments have finally diverted me from this ideal, so that (under my mother’s watchful eye) I caved and bought an ‘oyster’ coloured dress, which clashes horribly with my beloved green shawl. So, Mountain Peaks has been set aside for now, to be finished and worn at some future anniversary.

But since the dress (mother approved, mind) has been deemed too ‘immodest’ for church, I’ve been given the added task of finding something to cover my shoulders. (My mother’s suggestion doesn’t bear thinking about!).

So, enter Cobweb from Rowan 40. If you ignore the hungry vampire who models this shrug, and imagine it in Kidsilk Haze instead, with small pearly seed beads – doesn’t this look appropriately virginal? Never mind the fact that it will probably be stifling in 30°C heat and 80% humidity, and that I will already be dissolving under the intense glare of judgemental Hispanic matrons – I think I’ll enjoy the dark origins of this pattern!

In any case, don’t you find that in situations you have no control over, wearing a personal item hand-knitted by you with much effort and care gives you confidence and cool? I very much hope so…

Oh, and by the way, I have six weeks to knit this!