My mother-in-law is a thoughtful and creative woman: she crafts, knits, sews and bakes wonderful things. Unfortunately, she has been burdened with three sons who don’t really think to facilitate her hobbies by taking her to fabric shops or showing an interest in vintage buttons!

She has made every effort to welcome me to the family, and I’m glad to be able to repay her by sharing some of her interests. She recently mentioned that she wanted to try her hand at crochet, so for her birthday tomorrow I’ve sewn this crochet case to keep her hooks in.


I’ve included a couple of metal hooks (sizes 3.5mm and 4mm), and a Brittany (5.5mm) with a lovely turned handle. I’ve also made her some stitch markers out of shell and glass beads, and included some ceramic buttons. Three balls of RYC Bamboo Soft in Cambria (she’s allergic to woollen yarns) should start her off on an easy crochet project.