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I made this last summer for my sister. It was my first lace project, and a very easy and satisfying knit. I pretty much stuck to the pattern as written, though I added beads to the wing-points.

I love Miriam Felton‘s designs. I’m in the last throes of Mountain Peaks, and I made Seraphim for my civil marriage in January. Miriam’s shawls are elegant and eminently knitable, and she provides technical advice by email for all her designs.

This shawl was stage one in my ambition to knit a lace shawl for every woman in my family. (My mother’s Kiri was stage two, and I gave my grandmother my marriage shawl).



  • Pattern: ‘Icarus Shawl’ by Miriam Felton, Interweave Knits (Summer 2006).
  • Yarn: Posh Yarn Beatrice in ‘Bluebell’. This is a lovely heavy lace-weight silk/cashmere blend, which I think has been discontinued.
  • Needles: 3.25mm circular.
  • Modifications: I added 4mm GĻ‹ttermann Facettenperlen to the last knit round before cast-off.

Godela & Shawl

I finished this in May for my mother’s birthday, but I didn’t take any pictures, and had to wait for my dad to take some. This is her in their back garden, on the only sunny day they’ve had in weeks. I love the way she makes the shawl look elegant even over a polo shirt – and the colour is perfect for her! Sometimes a garment is ‘made’ by its wearer more than the person who produced it.

  • Pattern: Kiri.
  • Yarn: Almost 2 skeins of Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in Stream.
  • Needles: 3mm Addi Turbo circular needles.
  • Modifications: 18 repeats of the pattern, rather than the recommended 12. I like the smaller gauge for this pattern, and the delicate drape of the shawl.

(Here‘s the shawl on its own)

It may seem from recent postings as if I haven’t been knitting at all lately. In fact, I have several projects on the go, some of which are beginning to get on my nerves. My main work in progress is Miriam Felton’s Mountain Peaks Shawl, which I’m knitting in Jaggerspun Zephyr (Basil), and which I hope to wear at my second wedding in October.

This is what it looks like at the moment:

Heap o' yarn

A forbidding heap o’ yarn, right? I’ve stalled slightly on the border. I loved the main sections of the shawl, and made swift progress, but the edging looks odd to me. Why all those p2tog on the right and wrong sides? I’m not entirely convinced that they make that much difference to the stitch definition. And I don’t really like the way the join between shawl and edging is looking. I’ve been reassuring myself by revisiting some beautiful finished shawls, and I’m sure I’ll power on, but I’m not as confident about this shawl as I was a few weeks ago. Maybe I need a backup?

Yesterday was our six-month wedding anniversary (and, of course, 7 1/2 years together too!). Our plans for a fancy and romantic dinner were set aside because of general laziness and disinclination to spend what little money we have. Instead, R. requested that I cook picadillo – a dish which in my house represents mid-week simple suppers, but in his mind is everything exotic and new.


Picadillo: made all over Latin America with all possible variations. Mine has beef mince, cumin, onion, garlic, red pepper, olives, capers, raisins and tomatoes. Served with rice.


Given the homely nature of this dish, I insisted on a fanciful dessert. Meringue nests with cream and raspberries.

We had a lovely evening, with a minimum of fights and some smug back-patting on our achievements so far. Another six months and we can start divorce proceedings!


My mother-in-law is a thoughtful and creative woman: she crafts, knits, sews and bakes wonderful things. Unfortunately, she has been burdened with three sons who don’t really think to facilitate her hobbies by taking her to fabric shops or showing an interest in vintage buttons!

She has made every effort to welcome me to the family, and I’m glad to be able to repay her by sharing some of her interests. She recently mentioned that she wanted to try her hand at crochet, so for her birthday tomorrow I’ve sewn this crochet case to keep her hooks in.


I’ve included a couple of metal hooks (sizes 3.5mm and 4mm), and a Brittany (5.5mm) with a lovely turned handle. I’ve also made her some stitch markers out of shell and glass beads, and included some ceramic buttons. Three balls of RYC Bamboo Soft in Cambria (she’s allergic to woollen yarns) should start her off on an easy crochet project.

Crocheted Coaster


The rain is still with us, though the days tend to start wet and brighten up in the afternoon, and the flood waters are gradually retreating throughout the country. It has been the perfect weather for a quick and mindless project, like these crocheted coasters.



Reading Material

Project Specs:

  • Pattern: a mix of these two patterns by Kimberly Andrew.
  • Yarn: Rowan Harris 4-ply, in ‘Herring’
  • Needles: 4mm crochet hook


I make variations of these coasters for almost everybody as last minute gifts, and thought that we should have a few too! They take less than ten minutes each to make, and are a great way to use up leftover yarn.

Work beckons, despite the lack of light. At least we woke up to such wonderful news today: Alan Johnston has finally been released after 114 days of captivity!